Assistenza imprese

SENGI provides support in the technical field to the construction companies and service companies framing in which levels of detail depending on the needs of the company's request.

SENGI actuality had multiple types of experience ranging from organizing the preparation of Construction Plans for complex projects for integrated contracts through technical support to the management of large amounts of data (technical - land) to control the proper Class Transfer Property the entire municipality.

Companies that offer SENG targets are those that do not have a stable technical structure, or who have specific needs that can not deal with internal technical structure. For this type of business SENG seeks to rely on outsourcing of technical services allowing you to significantly reduce the fixed costs of business management and at the same time, to make use of highly specialized in:

Cost-benefit analysis of the intervention / project / proposed race - with special reference to the size and characteristics of the enterprise;

Preparation of projects for participation in tenders;

Management of full-service technical services in engineering;

Management of complex projects (shopping centers, construction sites / industrial real estate investments, small business multi-site networks, hotels, cottages, etc.)

  • feasibility analysis;
  • Integrated design;
  • supervision of works;
  • Project Management;


SENGI is also able to offer support and assistance to foreign companies that are willing to invest in Italy providing the perfect combination of local knowledge and ability to have reports and feedback in language (English and Spanish).